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A Few Trailer-Towing Tips

Driving a towing trailer is very different from driving a car or a simple truck. Carrying a heavy load towed to your vehicle can be difficult to drive with. You need to be very careful when there is a load attached to your vehicles as it increases the chance of having an accident.


Below are some trailer towing tips for vehicles like cable trailer, boat trailers and so on

1. Appropriate Tongue Weight

Ensure that the tongue weight is not more than 15% of the trailer’s weight; it ensures that the trailer remains stable. In case the vehicle does not have a high enough suspension for carrying the load, you should get an equalizing hitch. By equalizing hitch you will be able transfer weight on front axle.

2. Safety Chains

Use safety chains in X pattern to make sure that the load is secured tightly. In case an accident happens the load or machinery will not spill on the road. It will help in minimizing the damage in case of any mishap or accident.

3. Tyre Pressure

Always check air pressure of the tyres, it is recommended to have maximum air in tyres in most terrain. In some terrains it is preferable to have a little less air pressure.

4. Ensure trailer brakes work properly

Ensure that the brakes of your vehicle are in top condition as it can be very difficult to stop the vehicle when it is carrying some load. One of the major reasons of road accidents is not having proper brakes.

These are some tips that you should be aware of when driving a trailer.

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