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Different Types of Massage Therapies

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Massage therapies are used to rejuvenate the body and remove negative emotions. There are different kinds of massage therapies practiced around the world. Given below are some of the most famous type of massage therapies:

1. Trigger Point Massage Therapy

The trigger point refers to a sore area in the muscle tissue causing pain in other body parts. The purpose of this therapy is to eliminate the source that causes pain. The point is exposed to various cycles of pressure which helps release the pain when combined with deep breathing exercises during massage.

2. Reflexology Massage

In a reflexology massage, the masseuse rubs different parts of the feet. Each area of the foot is linked to certain organs and concerned health conditions. Depending on the health problem the customer is facing, a reflexology massage focuses on rubbing and stretching parts of the feet to increase body strength. Details of the techniques can be learnt through massage therapy courses Sydney.

3. Cranial Sacral Massage Therapy

This therapy is used to address problems in the bones of the head, sacrum and spinal cord. This type of therapy is used to release the compression in the mentioned areas. This helps reduce pain. Moreover, this therapy aims to bring the bones back to their natural position and to reduce stress from chronic injuries and other health conditions.

To conclude, there are various types of massage therapies used to treat different health conditions while leaving the body feeling refreshed.

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