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Tips For Landscaping In Ground Pool Areas

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Landscaping around the pool area is an effective way to add beauty to the overall pool area. Given below are some useful tips for landscaping around an in ground swimming pool.

  1. When using plants in the poolside area, it is important to soak the ground one night prior to the planting process. This makes the ground soft and allows weeds to appear to facilitate the weeding process.  The plants chosen should be low maintenance, be without thorns and should not be the type of plants that invite insects.
  2. Use potted plants close to the pool as they not only beautify the area but also are portable and easy to carry around. When various potted plants are clustered together it makes the area look like a landscape bed. Although these plants need to be watered frequently, they are easy to maintain as compared to other plants. Examples of plants used in pool landscaping in Townsville include shrubs, evergreen trees and flowers.
  3. Lighting is essential to add to the beauty of the poolside area. If using solar lights, it is important to ensure the lights are placed in a position which gives them access to plenty of direct sunlight for efficient working of the solar lights. If using electrical connections to put up lights, ensure the wires are safely hung up on walls and are away from the wet pool area.

To conclude, these tips serve as a guide for landscaping and adding beauty to in ground pool areas.

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